Linesite is measuring equipment offers features and technology at a better price point than you will find from other brands.
For more than 55 years, Spectra Precision has been an innovation leader in the construction industry worldwide. Spectra Precision products help provide control for elevation, grade, vertical alignment and 90-degree layout for both interior and exterior construction.
Aervoe Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, and other products for industrial use for more than 40 years.
Duratech survey supplies are exclusive and nationwide to Trinitec, providing you with poles, paint, binders, tripods, prisms or tribrach’s.
SECO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surveying and global positioning equipment accessories for surveying instruments, GPS, GIS, and construction equipment.
Schonstedt has been making locating easier since 1953. Schonstedt locators help find underground objects. Find ferrous objects, pipes and cables below the surface of the ground.
Kapro has, for 30 years, been making the finest quality spirit levels, laser levels, and layout tools, marking and measuring tools. Kapro has built a reputation as the industry’s foremost innovator, and is renowned for its quality products, outstanding service, added value, and cutting-edge designs.